Living Bible App Reviews

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Looking Through The Veil

Many of the younger generation shrug without second thought on using such an app, especially when it comes to the Word of God and the older generation (I am included) look upon this as not necessarily being the Word of God because it is not written on paper. I am here to tell them it is better than paper and the many different versions that is obtainable through this app is better because you can carry so many resources in one small device. It is a valuable tool and one I highly recommend. 10 stars.


I truly enjoy this version of the Bible's.

Great vehicle.

Love it!


Awesome able to get daily truths from Gods word and the audio is also a bounds love the app.

Speaks to me

One of my favorite versions of the Bible, love the parallel aspect, would like to have more than one version open at a time


This is my Favorite version of the Bible to read. Its Sooo easy to understand. It makes you want to look up things you didnt understand before, so you can grow closer to God!

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